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FUSION Marine Dock f/iPod/iPhone Compatible w/MS-RA200

# de Modelo: MS-DKIP
FUSION Marine Dock f/iPod/iPhone Compatible w/MS-RA200. Marine Dock for iPod. IMPORTANT: MS-DKIP is only compatible with the MS-RA200 Marine Stereo. Connect FUSION's MS-DKIP Marine Dock for iPod to your MS-RA200 Marine Stereo to provide the additional benefit of an integrated housing for your iPod. The dock connects directly to your MS-RA200 Marine Stereo, allowing full control and integration of your iPod through the Stereo. When bulkhead mounted the dock complies with IPX5 Waterproof Standards on the front of your unit, protecting your iPod from the harsh marine environment while it charges. Installed side by side with your FUSION MS-RA200 Marine Stereo, this combo enables the ultimate audio system flexibility and seamlessly blends into your instrument panel. Includes sleeves compatible with the following iPod models: iPod 5th gen (video), 30GB iPod 5th gen (video), 60GB, 80GB iPod classic, 80GB, 120GB iPod classic, 160GB (2007) iPod classic, 160GB (2009) iPod touch iPod touch, 2nd gen iPod touch, 3rd gen iPod touch, 4th gen iPod nano, 3rd gen iPod nano, 4th gen iPod nano, 5th gen Includes sleeves compatible with the following iPhone models: iPhone iPhone 3G iPhone 3GS iPhone 4 Mounting dimensions: Bulkhead mount: 5" x 1-11⁄ size=-2>16" (128 x 42mm)
Peso de Carga: 5 lbs.
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