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Intellian i9P Linear System with 85cm (33.5 inch) Sky Mexico, and Europe

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# de Modelo: B4-919Q
Intellian i9P (Auto Skew) Linear System with 85cm (33.5 inch) Universal Linear Polarized, (Sky Mexico, and Europe Quad LNB).The Intellian i9P offers the most powerful and reliable satellite TV receptions for both recreational and commercial vessels over 80 feet. The i9P's stylish design makes itself fit perfectly into modern streamlined vessels. With its patent pending innovations in Wide Range Search (WRS) and Dynamic Beam Tilting (DBT) technologies, even without any superfluous motion sensors, the i9P can always guarantee crystal-clear satellite TV reception with CD-quality sound even in the roughest sea conditions. The most innovative design of i9P is the integrated HD and TriSat modules in its control unit. This makes the i9P the first marine antenna TV system in history that allows boaters to access hundreds of HDTV channels from leading satellite TV service providers without extra conversion tools or cable wirings. With Intellian MIM, boaters can enjoy flipping channels through automatic satellite switching just like a home system. See the installation guide of DISH Network MIM for further details. In addition, this control unit provides boaters an interactive operating platform through its PC controller software with a very friendly user interface and completed list of world satellite library. The i9P also offers the integrated Auto Skew Angle Control system and highly precision GPS system which not only accelerates the speed of satellite signal acquisition time, but also enhances the quality of satellite reception in weak satellite signal coverage areas.
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • B4-919Q Linear Polarized, Sky Mexico, Sky Brazil, and Europe
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