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Johnson Pump Aqua Jet 3.5 GPM Water Pressure System - 12V

# de Modelo: 10-13395-103
Johnson Pump Aqua Jet 3.5 GPM Water Pressure System - 12 Volt. The five chamber Aqua Jet WPS-series provides a reliable heart for small boat and recreational vehicle water pressure systems. Compared to conventional three or four-chamber diaphragm pumps, the Aqua Jet demonstrates dramatically lower noise and water pulsation characteristics. It is recommended to install the WPS-pumps with an accumulator tank. Always use a PUMProtector inlet strainer before the pump intake. Diaphragm: Santoprene Valves EPDM Body: PP/PPA Motor: 85W Capacity: 13 l/min - 3.5 GPM Pressure Cut Off:2.8 bar - 41psi Fuze Size: 10 A Connection:⅜" NPT/hose ½", ½"NPT/Hose ¾", ½" NPT, ¾" Hose Weight: 2 kg /4.5lbs Length: 236,5 mm/9.31" Width: 210 mm/8.25" Height: 116 mm/4.575"
Peso de Carga: 6.3 lbs.
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