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Weems & Plath Trident Time & Tide Clock

# de Modelo: 440315
Weems & Plath Trident Time & Tide Clock, 10" Black Dial.The Trident Time and Tide is a combination time and tide clock movement which averages the Atlantic lunar tide cycle Tide sector is calibrated for the east coast of the United States. The Trident is an easy-to-read tide and time wall clock featuring a matte black case with red, white, and black dial graphics and a flat acrylic cover. The dial features Arabic numerals and white hands. A red tide hand indicates the approximate tides for the Atlantic Ocean. Accurate quartz movement operates on 1 AA battery. (Note: The clock will work for other tidal bodies of water but will need to be re-set more frequently.)
  • Dial: 10 1/4 Inch (260 mm) Base: 10 1/2 Inch (267 mm) Depth: 2 3/4 Inch(70 mm)
Peso de Carga: 6 lbs.
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