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Simrad HLD-2000MK2L Long Linear Drive

# de Modelo: 21113360
Simrad HLD-2000MK2L Long Linear Drive Unit - 12V. HLD-2000Mk Long verion :340mm (13") stroke hydraulic linear drive unit (AC42 required). The HLD2000MK2L is a hydraulic linear drive designed for larger boats with mechanical steering systems. It works in conjunction with a Simrad AC42 autopilot computer as part of an accurate auto-steering system. HLD2000MK2L Drive Unit Key Features Highly Accurate Minor incremental adjustments provide a smooth auto-steering experience Powerful Outstanding performance even under heavy loads Direct Rudder Connection Ensures the safest passage as the linear drive can be used even if the hand steering should fail By-Pass Valve Allows you to use the helm with little back drive force when the autopilot is switched off Simrad Yachting Construction Brutally strong and built to withstand the environment Power. Power Supply (Supply Voltage): 12V (3-10A). Autopilot/Auto-Steering. Max Stroke: 340. Max Torque [Nm]: 1460 . Peak Thrust: 500kg. Drive Unit Max Thrust: 500 . Drive Unit Tiller Arm [mm]: 298. Max Boat Displacement [tons]: 20.
Peso de Carga: 21 lbs.
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