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Simrad (Low Current)Pack Standard VRF

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# de Modelo: 000-11037-001
Simrad Autopilot Pack Standard VRF with AC12 Comp (Low Current), RC42 Rate Compass, NMEA2000 network interface - Requires Auto pilot controller and Drive unit. Comes with: AC12 AP Computer, N2K AC12 Computer NMEA2000. For RPU80, HLD350Mk2, MSD50, SD10 and solenoid operated steering. RC42N Rate Compass with 5M (16') cable and Micro-C connector. N2K 4 Way NMEA2000 4-Way Joiner. Connect four NMEA2000 Micro-C devices to the NMEA2000 Network. TR-120_KIT =Set of 1-Male and 1-Female NMEA2000® terminators. N2K-PWR-RD NMEA2000® power cable. Includes power cable and 1 x T connector. N2K-T-RD NMEA2000® T-Connector for connection of an additional network device. N2KEXT-15RD 4.55M (15') NMEA2000® cable for backbone extension or drop cable to connect an additional network device.
Peso de Carga: 5.5 lbs.
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