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Jostron AQ-4 MkII Strobe Light

# de Modelo: 87333
Jostron AQ-4 MkII Strobe Light. Our high quality multi-purpose marking and distress strobe light replaces AQ-4 and AQ-5. It is designed for use in extreme rough maritime and onshore environmental. High intensity LED. Manually activated two-way switch for flash or fixed light. Waterproof down to 500 meter. Typical applications:- diving and fire-fighting as location aid- military/personnel and equipment marking and aid- personnel/cres on-board any type of vessel- search and rescue personnel- parachuting and kayaking- back-pack travellers and hungers- lifejacket marking. Article number:87333 AQ-4 MkII Standard with clear lens and yellow housing incl. velcro strap.
  • Diving, as location aid, Parachuting
  • Fire fighting, as location aid
  • Lifejacket safety light, Target marking
  • Vessel and vehicle marking
  • Personnel marking and signalling light
  • Battery type, voltage:1 x Alkaline C-cell 1.5 V (70 gr.)
  • IR frequency:700-900 Nm (with infrared lens)
Peso de Carga: 12 lbs.
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