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AQ-5 Personal Strobe Light, Standard Version

# de Modelo: 80100
AQ-5 Personal multi purpose strobe light. Standard Version Personal emergency and multi purpose marking flasher. Manual or seawater activated. High intensity xenon flash strobe light combined with low power, high intensity white LED. Comes with belt clip and clear lens. Light weight. Waterproof to 30m. Flash rate: 50 flash per minute. 19 hours continuous operation endurance at 15°C as strobe and more than 60 hours continuous endurance as torch. Designed for personal safety and various applications such as marker light for survival suits, lifejackets and divers, as personal marking light for fishing boat deck crews, workboat crews, leasure sailers, firemen and police, and as a combined torch and distresss light in life boats and rafts. Construction (material): Lens: Polycarbonate Battery case: ABS Light system: Xenon strobe / High intensity white LED. Surface range:10 km min. (6 miles) on a clear night. Endurance continuous operation:Approx. 12 hrs (as strobe),Approx. 60 hrs (as torch). Battery type, voltage: 2 x Alkaline AA-cell 1.5 V (25 gr. each). Waterproofing:Down to 30 m
  • As a marker light for survival suits and lifejackets
  • As personal marker lights for workboat crews and leisure sailors
  • As a combined torch and distress light in life boats and rafts
  • As a personal marker light for firemen and police
  • As a marker or hazard warning light for security forces
Peso de Carga: 12 lbs.
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